Lerner Oxford Square Reviews

Overall Property Rating: 4.12 / 5

The property is good and well maintained
Submitted By Rolando Cortez On Dec 16, 2016

"The property is well maintained and it is peaceful. You do not see people roaming and standing idle on the grounds of the property. The parking is enough for all the residents. The only problem we have is the great dane living on top of us. There are times when you feel that there is a football game going on on top of the floor, otherwise it is quiet and peaceful. I hope that the property owners will take into consideration allowing big dogs to live in the property. "

Rolando, we are thrilled to hear how much you enjoy living at Lerner Oxford Square and we really appreciate you taking the time to leave your feedback. We are a pet friendly community and pride ourselves on being one of the few companies who have a breed restriction, not a size restriction. We do want to make sure you are comfortable in your home as well. Please feel free to contact your Community Manager to see what your options are. Thank you again for calling Lerner Oxford Square your home. Sincerely, Lerner Management

Excellent place to live
Submitted By Vivia Maria Barros Dos Santos On Mar 9, 2018

"the best school close to apartments, very security place,"

Vivia, thank you for the 5 -star rating! We're so happy to hear how much you are enjoying your home! Sincerely, Lerner Management

Very nice and cozy complex
Submitted By Phillip Hickey On May 18, 2016

"Overall the complex is very nice. I do recommended the complex to others because it is in a good location, well priced and very nice complex. Sound does carry up and down between apartments very easily though, but not much to the neighbors next to you."

Thank you so much for this great review, Phillip! We are happy to hear that you would recommend Oxford Square to others and that you have had a positive experience! Sincerely, Lerner Management

Quite Community,Great Staff.
Submitted By Carlotta Sommers On Apr 16, 2016

"It's some what over priced for the amenities and the age of the apartments. You can hear your neighbors walking above you, at times it feels like they are going to fall through the ceiling. The staff here are great Ms. Lisa And Ms. Vanessa are wonderful. I also have to mention that they did a great job with the snow removal.."

Carlotta, we are pleased to hear you have had a wonderful experience with the office staff! It does sound like some improvements could be made and we thank you for providing your feedback. What you are describing sounds like it does need maintenance attention. Our office staff will be in touch with you shortly to find a convenient time for our maintenance staff to address your noise issue and see what actions can be done to improve your experience. We want you to have a 5-star living experience with us and we look forward to addressing your concerns. Sincerely, Lerner Residential

great location
Submitted By Georgios Papaevangelou On Jan 7, 2019

"open space ,clean,organized"

Dear Georgios, Thank you so much for this 5-Star review! We are happy that you are enjoying the Lerner Oxford Square community! Sincerely, Lerner Management

Awesome living at Oxford SQ
Submitted By John Welch On Mar 2, 2017

"The staff here is among some of the most professional management teams I have encountered. Always cheerful and ready to help so fer this has been a great community to be a part of Great events for adults and the kids alike So far on my recommend list to my friends."

Thank you for taking the time to rate your experience with us, John! We are thrilled to hear the staff really goes above and beyond. The events are a fun way for us to get to know our residents better and for you to mingle with your neighbors. We are always open to ideas for what types of events you would like to see. Thank you for calling Lerner Oxford Square your home! Sincerely, Lerner Management

Submitted By Biruk Amare Worku On Jul 7, 2016

"Great "

Thank you so much for this 5-Star review and for calling Oxford Square your home! Sincerely, Lerner Management

I love the location
Submitted By Annaria Cruz On Jun 29, 2017

"very safe specially for younger children"

Annaria, thank you for leaving us such a great review! We will be sure t share your feedback with our team. Sincerely, Lerner Management

Submitted By David Crocker On Jan 21, 2017

"vary noisy "

David, we are happy to see your 4-star rating. It sounds like overall you are enjoying your experience at Lerner Oxford Square. It does sound like there is some room for improvement with noise. Your Community Manager will be in touch with you to identify exactly where this noise is coming from in order for us to best address your concern. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Sincerely, Lerner Management

Submitted By Emmanuel Asigbetse On Jun 1, 2021

"Peaceful neighborhood"

Hi Emmanuel, We are thrilled with your 5-Star rating! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. Our team works tirelessly to make sure that all of our residents are provided exceptional service in a community that they are proud to call their home. We are always especially pleased when our residents, like you, let us know that we have met that standard. Thank you for choosing Oxford Square! We hope you have a wonderful day! Kindest regards, David Page

Very nice property
Submitted By Luis Loja On May 31, 2016

"Living here for me and my family the last 02 years been so peaceful, very close to everything. Very convenience. "

Luis, thank you for this great feedback! It sounds like you have had an excellent experience overall. We would love to know how we can provide you with 5-star experience. Your Community Manager will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you for choosing Lerner Oxford Square as your home! Sincerely, Lerner Management

Good mgmt/fixes, noisy w/thin walls, kinda chilly.
Submitted By Nicholas Carter On Nov 24, 2014

"Oxford Square is a complex whose management means well but whose buildings/equipment are in need of refurbishment. I moved in during the summer with my girlfriend, and the HVAC in my unit was on constantly for three months (!) despite the installation of a new thermostat and servicing by the facilities super. Our power bills were through the roof from the fan being on constantly. (Yes, it was summer, and yes, my thermostat was set correctly...the fan just never turned off.) Finally, the motor burned out and an HVAC tech was called in. He swapped the motor out, did something else (possibly replaced or repaired a relay in the system), and now the HVAC operates correctly. I believe our cooling bill will be much lower now! One big drawback of these buildings are the walls and ceiling thicknesses. There is next to NO soundproofing between units. You can hear people/dogs/babies running/talking/screaming/barking/etc. at all hours of the day (my upstairs neighbors have all of these things going on and I d like nothing more then for them to leave). If you re a light sleeper, this may not be the place for you. Management is one area where this place shines. Vanessa and her colleagues are consummate professionals, and are easy to work with, considerate, and prompt with responses. I ve appreciated her help on numerous occasions prior to moving in and while living here. Parking is a difficult situation. The complex created visitor/resident parking in October, to the chagrin of many residents. Visitors parking is far from many of the units, and sometimes is completely full when multiple events are happening. I d be happy if it went back to the old way!"

Nicholas, at Lerner Residential our primary goal is to provide phenomenal customer service to our residents and guests. Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback about one of our communities. We value all feedback whether positive or negative, and view it as an opportunity to improve our customer service. We are so happy to hear Vanessa and the staff at Oxford Square have made your stay an enjoyable one and we will be sure to thank them. We sincerely apologize that some of your expectations have not been met and look forward to the opportunity to correct this matter. Please email your Community Manager at LHomer@Lerner.com with your preferred method of contact. Sincerely, Lerner Management

Oxford Square Apartments at White Flint
Submitted By Jane Banda On Aug 12, 2015

"I have been living at Oxford Square apartments since last December and I am very happy so far. The Rental office staff are always ready to help when called upon. I would definitely recommend Oxford to friends."

Jane, this is excellent feedback! We are so happy to hear you are enjoying your home here at Oxford Square. We will be sure to thank the team members responsible for providing great customer service and going above and beyond! Sincerely, Lerner Management

Oxford Square a family friendly,pet friendly place to call home
Submitted By Tina Portillo On Apr 12, 2017

"I love living here because of the people. Friendly, and safe for my children and dog. I absolutely love the staff Lisa our property manager is the sweetest most helpful person. She genuinely cares If you happen to have a problem she will make it right with a smile The rest of the staff maintenance, ground keepers, they are so friendly and go out of their way to say hi and ask you how you are doing. I must say there is a bunch of Great people that run this community. Happy to call this place home for almost 4 years now "

Tina, thank you for this great feedback. We are very happy to hear what an excellent experience you had with us. We will be sure to thank our team; especially Lisa for really going above and beyond in exceeding your expectations. Thanks for calling Oxford Square home! Sincerely, Lerner Management

Great location, open layout, pet friendly
Submitted By Nicole Cave On May 31, 2017

"Location is key and the best part about this apartment complex. I live in a one bedroom with my fiancé and find the open layout and large closet space essential for living together. Plenty of space in the apartment as well as outside."

Nicole, we are so happy to hear how much you and your fiancé are enjoying your home. We want our residents to feel at home in our community, that's why we built large apartments with generous closet space. Thank you for leaving us such a great review and calling Oxford Square home. Sincerely, Lerner Management

Excellent Community
Submitted By Sherald Landicho On Mar 31, 2018

"Very nice and safe community, the management staff are very friendly. The office staff are very welcoming and knows each of us by name, letting us feel like they knew us for so long. "

Sherald, we're thrilled to see this 5-star rating! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this feedback with others. We do take pride in our community and our great team. We will be sure to thank them for providing you with exceptional service. Thanks for calling Lerner Oxford square your home. We look forward to many years to come! Sincerely, Lerner Management

11 years
Submitted By Deborah Bibbins On Sep 10, 2016

"In all my 11 years as a resident at Oxford Square, I have been taken well care off. The office staff has always been polite, professional, and attentive to my needs wants as a resident. The apartments are larger than most in this area, the parking is sufficient, and the amenities are nice. They have been upgrading apartments upon move out, they are located within minutes of White Flint Metro, the new Pike Rose, plenty of stores from grocery to clothing. We are nestled is a nice little community within a busy city, I have a young child and the school district is one of the best in the state. Yes, you can hear your neighbors from time to time, certain things you have to expect with apartment living' however I have and will continue to enjoy calling Oxford Square mine and my sons home. "

Deborah, thank you for this fabulous review! We could not be more thrilled to hear what an excellent experience you have had with us. Thank you for calling Lerner Oxford Square your home for 11 years and counting! Sincerely, Lerner Management

Submitted By Madalitso Banda On Apr 24, 2018

"I have been living here for about 3 years. The staff is very helpful. Have not had any real issues. "

Madalitso, we couldn't be happier to hear how much you are enjoying your home. We will be sure to send your feedback to our team. Thanks for calling Lerner Oxford Square home! We look forward to many years to come. Sincerely, Lerner Management

Very professional rental staff. Very clean apartment units.
Submitted By Darnell Brown On May 20, 2017

"Very quiet community. Professional and attentive staff."

Darnell, We thank you for this 5-star review! Sincerely, Lerner Management

Submitted By Jeanne Cooper On Aug 15, 2016

"Quick, efficient, professional and friendly - thank you "

Jeanne, thank you for this great review. We appreciate you taking the time to leave us your feedback and very happy to hear how pleased you are with the professional, friendly and efficient maintenance staff. Thank you for calling Lerner Oxford Square your home. Sincerely, Lerner Management

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